Q: How do you play Smash Golf?
A: You play Smash Golf the same as you play traditional golf, but use only the Smash Golf racquet and Smash Ball. Players toss the ball in the air and strike it with the Smash Golf racquet. Never hit the ball off the ground until putting the ball with the attachable putter head. This will avoid causing any damage to the course, equipment, or player.

Q: How far does the ball go?
A: The ball goes an average of 120 yards. It can go farther based on racquet speed and on center hits.

Q: Where do you play Smash Golf?
A: Smash Golf is played on any approved or sanctioned golf course.

Q: What is the scoring format for Smash Golf?
A: Smash Golf scoring is the same as golf. Playing against the par of the golf course, with every swing counted as a stroke.

Q: Can you play with conventional golfers?
A: Absolutely, this is the beauty of Smash Golf! You can play it with conventional golfers or with other Smash Golfers. The only difference is the tees you play from, ( forward tee box) and the calibrated pars of the holes. For example: if a hole is up to 120 yards it’s a par 3, 121 – 200 yards, a par 4, 201 – 350 yards a par 5, 351 yards and over it’s a par 6. Play the forward tees and have fun!

Q: What are the rules?
A: The rules are the same as traditional golf with one exception. After the ball is put in play you must put your foot within 12 inches of where the ball is at rest to hit your next shot.

Q: Can anyone play?
A: This sport was designed for all ages. The emphasis is to have fun!

Q: Will playing Smash Golf hurt my regular Golf game?
A : Actually, it will help you with your golf swing. The movement you make to strike the ball in Smash Golf is very similar to a golf swing.

Q: Where can I get Smash Golf equipment?
A : You can purchase Smash Golf equipment on this site. Click on “Buy Equipment”, or at an authorized Smash Golf facility.

Q: How can I get involved in the Smash Golf movement?
A: Contact Daril Pacinella at pgabear@aol.com