Smash Golf began in Rockledge, Florida with golf teaching professional Daril Pacinella. Daril noticed major changes occurring  in the golf industry since the 1980’s and 90’s with the popularity of golf declining at a precipitous rate across the United States. In fact, it has been reported that one US golf course closes every 48 hours (as mentioned in a recent HBO Real Sports episode with Bryant Gumbel).

Daril wanted to know what was driving this decline, so he investigated and found three fairly common themes:
1. The average round of golf taking about four hours to play seems to be too time consuming for today’s fast society.
2. Equipment costs, greens and cart fees appear to be too expensive for some people with other, less expensive, leisure time alternatives in abundance today.
3. The difficulty and time involved learning how to hit each club in your bag is frustrating to many.

One day while Daril and a tennis playing friend were on the golf course in Florida, he imagined a way to combine tennis and golf into a faster paced sport. The next time they visited the course they brought tennis racquets along, and proceeded to hit a few golf balls. They also carried putters to putt the ball into the hole on the green. The new game proved to be fun and challenging.

Soon Daril set about creating the Smash Golf Racquet: an all-in-one racquet/putter. With the Smash Golf racquet/putter enthusiasts can now play many beautiful golf courses across the country, and not worry about the expense of purchasing and transporting a set of clubs.

Daril introduced Smash Golf to some of his students who visited Florida in the winter of 2014 and they had a blast playing!  He was encouraged by many spectators, clients and friends who tried Smash Golf, so he has patented his “all in one racquet/putter” and it is now available for purchase.

At a special roll-out event sponsored by Baystate Rehabilitation Care on September 22nd, Daril and world renowned tennis champion Ivan Lendl introduced Smash Golf to an enthusiastic crowd at the East Mountain Country Club in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Soon players will be able to enjoy Smash Golf at courses everywhere as it spreads across the country.